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Expanding business internationally for Silver Fern Farms 

The new website aims to introduce New Zealand’s beef and lamb as a premium food delivery service in the US.

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Platform & Tools

Shopify Plus, Figma






About Silver Ferns Farms

Founded in 1948, Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand's leading procurer, processor, marketer and exporter of premium quality 100% grass-fed red meat. The company comprises proud, passionate farmers and food people, collaborating and innovating, and always creating inspirational food for their customers.

The process

From the project kick-off, we conducted research to understand the differences between the New Zealand and US meat markets. 


Focusing on US premium food delivery, we used those insights to design a completely new website that clearly communicates the benefits of the NZ meat industry. 


I was involved in this interesting project from the research stage to the full web design.

Creating trust

New Zealand’s meat - and indeed, New Zealand itself - is not well known enough to easily compete in a large-scale market like the United States.

Silver Fern Farms beef is grass fed, while the US market focus is corn fed beef.

One of the challenges was to create trust and educate these new customers about what grass fed is and why where the produce comes from is really important

​Some actions we made: 

  • Display certifications and health benefits of 100% grass-fed meat on every key page. 

  • Communicate the benefits of the country of origin, Showing the beauty of New Zealand land and the work of farmers behind the production with premium and good quality imagery and videos.

  • Integrate recipes on product pages to show the product cooked and make it tempting for users to purchase.

Engaging customers with frozen meat

Communicating the benefits of organic meat from New Zealand, the fact that the meat is frozen preserves the flavour.

  • To communicate that the meat was frozen, We included images of the raw products in a package and on a plate.

  • Recipes to inspire customers showing the full potential of the meat.

  • We added information about cooking time, including defrosting time

Quantities and customization for bundles

Showing how many pieces of meat were inside of a package and servings.

Bundle options that include different types of meat and option to customise each of them depending on customers needs.


The work of different teams as SEO, Design, strategy and development, helped to introduce SFF into the market with good results.

Increased Online Sales  

+ 55%

Increased Sessions


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