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Improving the web surfer experience to make conversions 

The project was to redesign the website for the Australian market, keeping the US site as a reference, with the goal of increasing conversion. 


Platform & Tools

Shopify Plus, Sketch






About O'Neill

Founded and pioneered by Jack O’Neill, the brand is an integral part of surfing as a lifestyle, a sport and an industry. Called “the original surf brand”.

The process

To redesign the website, we had to work closely with the client to understand their customers and products. Understand their motivations and needs in conjunction with the extensive range of products and how the users interact with them. 

The process included wireframes, landscape review, and different client conversations until the creation of high-fidelity design and handover to developers.

Educating customers and pushing conversions

The wetsuit is a crucial but expensive product, and buying one without trying is a risk. So we educated the customer, translating all benefits and information into a nice layout and experience.

How? By creating multiple custom touch points across the site, using dynamic content blocks that changed based on each product type.

We included content like specifications, videos and temperature indicators. 

We also designed a sticky header on the product page to allow the customer to continue to consume a large amount of information while keeping calls to convert visible.


With the range of sizing options available, we developed a custom size selection that can swap between regional sizes and measurements, from cm to inches, with a demonstration of how to measure.


Special navigation was designed specifically for wetsuits to redirect users to the right page and product. This included links for women and men, related accessories and available collections.

UI Design

Following brand guidelines, the design mainly used the colours black and white, but included brilliant imagery to portray the brand and story.

Looking modern and clean to convey the technology behind the wetsuits.

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