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With a complex user flow, we designed a B2B2C Magento website to sell products and services to designers/Businesses and to end customers. 

The project objective was to bring every service and relationship with customers to the digital space and provide a personalised experience.

the B2B2C project 


Platform & Tools

Adobe Magento, Figma






About Globewest

GlobeWest is an Australian-owned and run company with offices and showrooms in multiple cities across Australia.

Inspired by creating beautiful design that transforms every day, forming connection, comfort and joy in Australian homes and local businesses.

The process

The process included several meetings and workshops across different departments. From conversations with the client to align with their vision, to calls with the finance team to understand invoicing procedures.


Internally, we also worked extensively, bringing new ideas to cover all client requirements with technical and design solutions based on competitor research and a review of recent trends in the market. 


The project included a 280-page design that took ten months, and the development was around 18 months.

Flow and customers

Flow and customers: 


The old company had a B2B business model, where interior designers and design studios were the primary consumers and distribution partners. 

End customers are now part of the new website, allowing them to interact with Globewest and their partners. 

Here are some of the key functionalities included and how those users interact. 

Interior Designers and studios: 


  • Connect with end customers and add them to client lists. Share wishlist product boards, quotes and invoices.

  • View their prices and also retail prices. 

  • Make orders, hold products, generate credits and pay invoices.

  • Manage company information and employee access. 

  • Easily find related, optional products and access to product material like brochures.

  • Create quotes, calculate shipping and installation, and include and see profit margin for products. 

  • Book a visit with a client to the showroom.

End customers:

  • Find and connect with designers and studios to buy in partnership, receiving and approving quotes. 

  • Buy products with an easy flow. 

  • Calculate Shipping and obtain installation services. 

  • Manage account information and store credit cards. 

  • Book a visit with a designer to the showroom.

It was crucial to understand every interaction to design this Website. 


Find a designer

Buying products in partnership with designers allows them to create a more functional space from an expert's hand, helping them add more value to their houses. From a company perspective, it helps them increase revenue and expand their business.  


To ensure end customers connect with partners, we created a quiz to make it easier for them to find a designer based on style, project and budget. We provided more context and images to help with selections. 


With three questions, users can view various designers or stockists to connect with, read and learn more about them, create a board, and share it.

We are making it easier and inspiring to buy products (UI) 

Trying to cover all user's requirements, the website stores a lot of information that needed to be more manageable and digestible, making it a challenge to visually communicate the brand and purpose clearly.

Bringing a modern, clean and extensive website to life, we created a design system with reusable components to generate new pages quickly. 


We included a new way of buying modular sofas, proposing different configurations that automatically select all the pieces available, helping the user buy the right items. 


The Website now allows partners and end customers to interact in one place easily, helping Globewest to manage their business with more flexibility, saving time with simple/streamlined processes, and allowing the business more time to focus on new projects.


Quantitive results coming soon as the website was launched last month.

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