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Improving the UX and increasing the conversion rate, the new Beacon website includes all the convenience of a modern 

e-commerce platform with click & collect, various payment options, live chat, intelligent search and on-site personalisation.

Lighting the
user journey


Platform & Tools

Adobe Magento, Figma






About Beacon Lighting 

Beacon is Australia’s leading lighting retailer, with over 110 stores across the country. Buyers choose Beacon for the latest styles, trends and innovations.

Their extensive range, expert product knowledge and renowned customer service make them the one-stop shop for all your lighting needs.

The process

In conjunction with the creative director and developers, we worked closely with the Beacon team to design the different websites. 

The retail site was the primary focus. We spent several hours between calls and workshops analysing their customers and products and exploring their different services. 


We identified challenges and areas to improve. The solutions were presented in wireframes for the retail site, including different product pages, until the website design was finalised.

The exact process was replicated for trade site, design and installation services sites. 

A template was also created for the other four brands under the Beacon group.

Design Service: Beacon Design Studio (BDS)

The design service faced different issues affecting potential customer growth and transactions. 

BDS was not able to show their offers online, reviews and previous work. Also, their online form was difficult to use, as customers did not understand which styles they had selected and therefore chose incorrectly.

Some of the solutions applied were: 

  • Profiling the Lighting Designers online, highlighting their specialities and strengths.

  • The addition of testimonials to clearly provide credibility on the online booking platform and to help conversion. 

  • Establishing an online portfolio of work to provide to architects and possible clients, thereby building credibility.

  • Including an area for the client to upload their design inspiration eg: Pinterest boards.

  • Adding thumbnails for each home style to allow the customer to more accurately choose a style and to avoid confusion for designers.

  • The inclusion of budget ranges for the customer to choose from. This provided insights for the designers, allowing them to strategically recommend products

In-home Lighting & Design Studio

Customers didn’t understand the difference between In-Home Lighting & Design Studio as it wasn’t clearly communicated online. 

To promote the two design services and their point of difference, we profiled these service offerings better online via a restructuring of information and design, ensuring the critical selling points of these services were depicted, such as promoting the redeemable fee and tailored service across Australia.

Improving access and UX for Trade Club members

Trade Club members were adding items to their carts on the retail site, realising later that they could not add their discount. Alternatively, they placed an order and followed up for their Exclusive Trade Prices, resulting in numerous customer service calls.

It was crucial to ensure a clearer UX across the new site and include a  tailored sign-up workflow.


The work of different teams as SEO, Design, strategy and development, helped to enhance and grow the Beacon business.

Increased Online Sales  

+ 41.0%

Increased Online Sales - Group Retail sales


Increased Online Trade Club Transactions 


Increased Online Trade Club Customer visits


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